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50,000 Free Cheeseburgers from 9am Tuesday 6 Aug via App at McDonald's


50000 Free Cheeseburgers at McDonald's from 9am 6 Aug

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    Lol was just about to post this


    Screenshot the image from the app, then drive round to different McD's.. Then everyone wins


      Is there a timer? I can't remember. I know other apps have them. Some staff do check them, like the time when they did the free Big Mac thing.

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        Id imagine these will sellout before lunch so it would be classic if someone tries to show screenshot later on


          During that free Big Mac promo, they were still selling at 6pm, but some people have reported selling out by 7 to 8pm. All store dependant of course.


            @The Hound: Are you sure it's store dependent? Well I guess they could run out of buns or patties or sauce, but I think they're the same patties for Big Macs etc so really it may only be buns and even then unless you're out in the wop wops I can't imagine McDonald's is likely to run out. Of course some stores can be a bit crap and make up stuff e.g. with the Big Mac deal some claimed you couldn't redeem it until 5am or 9am. So maybe some of the dodgier franchises may try to stop you depending on how much of a fuss you make.

            The bigger issue is when 50k redeem the coupon. Once that happens, it disappears and you can't redeem it anymore. (Admittedly I'm not sure what happens if you're on the page for the actual coupon. I know I've managed to redeem one of the time limited deals after it expired from the coupon page.) That happened with the free Big Mac at about 7pm and AFAIK it was nationwide. Although McDonald's does ask (or require?) location access, AFAIK they don't limit the ability to redeem the deal based on location except maybe outside NZ.

            But then again the Big Mac deal was 25k. They had a free cone deal around Christmas time that was 30k that IIRC didn't run out or if it did was very very late. Unless their app is a lot more popular now or this deal goes a lot more viral, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same, either very late or doesn't run out. Hard to know for sure though.

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        Yes once you redeem it has a countdown clock which starts at 3 minutes. So if staff pay attention they won't be fooled by a static screenshot. It also has the date, not relevant here, but means even if you do capture a video it will only work for one day e.g. with the Big Mac deal.

        AFAIK it's generally predictable what it does e.g. it doesn't choose a colour four the hour which is tied in to their POS system which staff have to look out for and comes from their online backend or something else which you can't predict. Which means if you're somewhat competent I'm sure you could easily make a fake app or hack their one.

        But there's little point anyway except maybe for those deals which show up when you first subscribe which vary. (Not the Big Mac one but I think some of the others may.) With most modern Android phones, it's relatively trivial to get around their limit on multiple accounts without much effort. Since iOS is even more privacy centric nowadays, I suspect the same for iPhones but never tried.


          I forgot but the date has a flashing pattern applied to it which is easily visible so it's fairly obvious from even a quick glance if it's just a screenshot.


          just need to clear your cache lmao


      Dont know why you're getting downvoted. You've just pointed out an exploit that shouldn't have existed from McD's perspective.

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    Since when did this site become ChoiceStealies? Is it not enough that you're getting something for free without trying to exploit the shit out of it?


      If your comment was in part in response to what I said, note that I I intentionally did not provide any details on how to actually get around the device detection because of such concerns, simply mentioned it was trivial. And I wasn't the one who mentioned the possibly of a screenshot, it was someone else who brought it up. Someone else then asked whether it has a countdown so I mentioned what the app actually does. Discussing what the app actually did in response to a question seems reasonable enough. It's not like it's not something anyone who uses the app doesn't see all the time nor actually helps anyone actually competent enough fake it in any way.

      As for the more general point, well I think there's always going to be come conflict on what counts as abusing a deal. In that free Whopper or BK Chicken deal, the possibility of multiple accounts was noted in the main deal itself and was mostly what the discussion was about . It's quite common to mention multiple accounts whenever Burger King comes up, and even though you no longer get free meals, I think a free meal every time you spend $5 or more can't be good for Burger King's bottom line and is clearly not what they're intending. I personally avoid mentioning multiple accounts for that reason, but if others want to do it, unless we make a rule it's disallowed I don't comment. (I mean getting back to BK, we even have a thread specifically about it.)

      Also on the scale of things, how bad is using 2 accounts to get 2 Whoppers for $4 each? Or 2 McChickens for $3 each? (These deals are limited 1 per account but not a limited number nationwide.)

      Going to a different kind of deal, it's fairly common to suggest multiple accounts to get the $5 for Harvey Norman. For a large order it's basically irrelevant. For a $25 or even $100 order, it could significantly eat into their profits depending on what you're ordering. (Frankly for pretty much any deal which is account limited, the possibility of multiple accounts tends to come up in the discussion if it's popular enough. Actually getting multiple cards for Pak'n'Save's Christmas Club free credit upon joining was hinted at in the discussion although that seems particularly questionable to me.

      Then there was the infamous Burger Fuel BOGO send to friend email incident. Personally I did feel faking headers was going too far, but it was mentioned. And a different area, at least in the past some of our Domino's pizza coupons AFAIK came from brute forcing their store. From what I read, I think it was necessary to use proxies or VPNs to get multiplle IPs because Domino's would ban after enough attempts. Is it wrong we allowed such coupon codes? For that matter, what about things like those deals which are almost definitely pricing errors from the supplier from NZ computer retailers? Most retailers are competent enough not to ship, but people do sometimes successful price match (and discuss it) with such deals.


        Dont worry about people who get upset over this, mc ds know what they are doing, the app actually brings more business so they can afford to lose a few cheese burgers also there is a cap so its not stealing.

        I redeemed mine today, when you go drive thru some staff just ask to show the app on screen as they dont require a code like burgerking.
        They also gave us two as my friend forgot his phone.