iPhone Battery Replacement

Hi there,
My iphone 6 plus’ battery is now saying 77% health and i notice that it is really draining fast. I wonder if you could help me find a good repair shop or perhaps a site where i can buy a quality iphone parts so i can replace it myself. Cheers!


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    You can do it yourself for less than $20 including the tools. (If the link does not work below, just search Iphone 6 plus battery)


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    It is difficult to get a decent replacement to DIY. The aliexpress ones, or aftermarket ones on TradeMe etc can be pretty bad. The market is rife with ones that say they are "official apple batteries", or "upgraded" but none ever are. Sometimes they turn out worse than what you are replacing. So it's tricky. Pay $85 for a genuine one, which is about half the value of a complete iphone 6 these days, or risk an aftermarket battery.


      That is the problem, the cost is mainly the labour, and that can be very high compared to a new one. That is what has urned me off apple for iphones. ipads seem to last far longer when it comes to battery life, probably because they are a lot larger. Where with my last two iphones, the battery life went bad within a year.

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    Have they recently dropped eh price, as I am sure it was well over a $100 not that long ago, although it looks like their service reps can charge more, plus courier. Actually the problem with getting the battery replaced via apple is the inconvenience and time involved. You have to wipe your phone, and back it up. You also could be without it for several weeks. Why they don't make user replaceable batteries, I don't know, except it does create an industry for repairing, simplyu to replace a consumable part.


    thanks for your help guys..having second thoughts now should i have it replaced or just charge it whenever.

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