Cheap Computer Chair

anybody know where i can get a cheap computer chair i don't wanna spend more then say $40 on just a chair the one i have now is really old and the back rest part has cracked so if i move to much it sometimes comes loose and fall off


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    You could try some of the bigger charity shops (St John, Hospice, etc.) or the second-hand shops, plus of course websites like Trade Me.


      thanks completely forgot about secondhand stores

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        Suggest you do sit on one first if you can before buying, many look similar but there's a huge difference in quality and comfort.

        Harder to do on TradeMe so on there look for one that is a brand name and has multiple adjustment levers. Usually they are the higher quality ones that are built reasonably sturdy and will still be okay.

        I went into Warehouse Stationary when looking but they all felt a bit cheap and flimsy and didn't have good lumbar support.

        I also went into a second hand office furniture store that had loads but the coverings were all very tired and worn out and some of them were missing levers etc.

        In the end I lucked upon one on TradeMe that was about $40 and it's pretty good. Heavy (sturdy), lots of back and seat adjustments, good padding, not perfect but adequate lumber support, and the covering in okay condition. So good ones are out there at your price range, especially if you're in a larger city area. Good luck.


          Actually getting to see them will also give you the chance to check that all the features still work - height adjustment, etc.

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    TradeMe is the best place, there are plenty of steals on there, you just have to know what to look for. eg. This looks like it could be a Buro Aura Ergo+, which retails at the $400-$500 level. Brands like Buro, EOS and Formway make solid stuff so buying them used presents great value. That one is worth a look if you haven't already bought something.


    Yeah, choc squiggle is right in saying that you should sit on one before buying. I was also in the marketplace for a cheap computer chair before I said F it and am going to buy the Herman Miller Aeron. With 12 year warranty and seeing a 19 year old Herman Miller Aeron chair sell for $800 on TM, it worked out to be roughly $40 a year for 20 years if you sell it for $800 after 20 years

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