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Whopper $4 (Wed Only) via App @ Burger King


Also, spend a minimum $5 via App to unlock a free regular BK meal ($10) for your next visit.

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    At least they made it $4 rather than $3 or at least $3.50 or BOGOF. Too many burger deals recently and the price pushes it into the not bad but meh territory.


      What? How is cheaper "meh"? $3 is way better than $4, it's the same burger.

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        I think you may have misunderstood my comment. $4 which is the price they set is meh so I won't be buying at this price especially since there have been so many burger deals recently. (I did upvote it though since it's not that bad a deal.) Although at some level I'd prefer it to have been $3 or BOGOF, in some ways I'm also glad for the aforementioned reasons. Better they do it at $4 now and it fails so they do a better deal in a few weeks time :-P Although it was more of a jokey comment anyway. If they had actually made it $3 I probably would have made a jokey "no not another one" or similar comment but gone ahead and bought one.


          Man means if it was $3 he'd be munching Whoppers all day, but as they are $4 he won't and will in it's place have good health

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    With the maccas app the big mac is $3 anytime.




    On again