Dropit - Discount Supermarket/Petrol/Prezzy Gift Cards

Posting here as not a specific bargain as such:

DropIt runs reverse auctions for various items and gift cards throughout the day, including $50, $100 & $200 gift cards for the major supermarkets and petrol stations, as well as Visa Prezzy cards. Gift cards generally sell for 8-12% discount from their value ($100 for $88-92), and are the exact same as you'd by from the store (usual T&C's apply).

Auctions run every 2 minutes through the day - price drops from RRP and keeps going down until the first person 'swipes up' and gets it at that price. Courier is free, and most gift cards show up within 3-5 days. I've been using for over a year now, and purchased 60+ gift cards for all my spending - easy way to save money.

Have to download Android/iPhone app.

See affiliate page to get $5 off first purchase.

Stuff article has a bit more info about it and shows its a genuine site.

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    Be careful with the Dropit app. I consider myself very IT proficient and installed the app this lunchtime. I pressed the button to do a trial reverse auction to learn what it's about and somehow managed to purchase a fryer for $260. All I can think is that a real auction started at the same time I tried the trial and as it was my first use of the app how would I know it was live and not a trial?

    I immediately contacted their customer services and received a reply to say they are looking into it but this will be a good test of them as an organisation and how good their customer service is. I'll update on here once I learn if they'll cancel my order or if they force me to purchase something I don't want and never intended to purchase.


      Good point - I can see how it would happen. They used to have it so you had to hold the button in for 3 seconds before you could bid, but now it goes straight away. Interested to hear how the cancellation goes.

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        I'm happy to report that Dropit are honorable and have granted as a gesture of goodwill a refund on the item mistakenly purchased but stressed that this was a goodwill gesture and that they weren't obligated to do so which I do appreciate.

        I don't think the issue I had was with holding down for 3 seconds before accepting my bid but rather the way the current auction pops up. I've tried it myself again and if you click on the "Try It" button and then a live auction starts while the "Try It" video is playing it takes over the screen and you're inadvertently bidding on a live item, a bit of a UX error IMHO.

        It's all worked out well so thumbs up for Dropit.

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