This was posted 10 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Google Home Hub $119.00AUD (~125 NZD) Shipped @ tobydeals


Best price I have seen for a home hub new, might be wrong.

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    Not bad! I paid slightly more for my brand new unwanted gift one on TradeMe

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    I usually use pliers to bend the USA straight pins to the NZ pin angle.


    jedmeister you are right As long as it says 110 - 240 v It is much safer than any eBay or Aliexpress uncertified adapter. These cheap Power adapters have very little power separation and lead to a nasty shock or fire.Not to mention the wrong voltage .


      Using a US to NZ plug adaptor as avantime and kiwijunglist suggested is not is going to affect the voltage anymore than bending the pins. Even if you're worried the contacts or connections are so poor they'll lead to a large voltage drop, there's no guarantee you bending the pins is going to be any better. I agree it would be a bad idea to use a power adaptor from eBay/AliExpress but no one else seems to have suggested that.

      That said, while I have used some of the US to NZ plug adaptors fron eBay in the past, you're probably better off buying a decent one for $5-10 from a local retailer. Especially if you have kids or other people who may not take care when plugging in or removing the plugs. Also some of the plug adaptors are poorly made enough (or made to some other standard like the Chinese one) that the pin angle isn't quite right which often means over time it damages the socket it's plugged in to and even properly made NZ plugs no longer fit as firmly as they should. (Of course you're likely to get it even worse if you bend the pins yourself.)

      Technically of course you aren't supposed to use travel adaptors for permanent connections like that. But if you think that bending the pins of a US plug is any more compliant, you have another think coming.


        He is not talking about pins or adapters. He is talking about 3rd party cheap/uncertified ac-dc PSU from China


    Wonder what this means

    *This product may not support the functions of smart home control and local radio channels in regions outside the United States

    I would have thought it should be possible to change location fairly easily, but perhaps not?


      That's just a generic statement. It's fine. WiFi and Bluetooth are the same for both countries.


        It used to be that Google Home and Amazon Echo could only work inside the US. The trick then was to use the American Samoa & US Marshall Islands timezones to get the calendar and clock functions working.


    Thanks, ordered one. Never heard of Tobydeals before, but they take Paypal, so that's insurance enough for me.