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All Value Pizzas $5 | Garlic Bread + 1.5L Combo $5 (Pick up) @ Domino's


updated code again

Here's a code that will make all Value pizzas back to the OG price of $5
Also note there is a new Garlic bread and 1.5L drink for $5 instead of $9.50 (listed under Value range)

Spice up your weekend and surprise her with an Italian Veg, a garlic bread and a 7up all for just $10

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  • +2 votes

    I got pizza from Domino's yesterday, using a different discount code, but I was impressed.
    My pizza had toppings.
    More than normal (I'm pretty sure my local store is stingy, but maybe they all are).
    Their DOM pizza checker might actually do something, or at least make the store thing it does…

    • +1 vote

      I agree! had a classic pepperoni and wow it was one of the best I ever had
      Big brother was watching


    Title makes it sound as though the deal is $5 for everything but description says it's separate?


    Thought from the title it was a pizza, garlic bread and drink for 5 bucks.. Thought dinwnr was sorted ha


    Misled by the title as well.


    Can only buy one at that price? Extras come up at normal price


      Appears code is limited to one value pizza so you would have to make separate orders to discount more than one.

  • +3 votes

    Sorry, Hope its a bit clearer now


    I've been burnt by Dominos too many times, but it sounds like the quality varies a lot by store.


      Same here, will be interesting to see how the checker works on custom pizzas.
      I found that if u stick to classics they generally better quality

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