– The superior way to bid and list on Trademe!

Everyone loves a good bargain (especially Cheapies!) and bargains are often to be had on Trademe; unfortunately, it’s not the easiest nor the best website to find and get these deals. Bidbud changes this! is a free website that interfaces with Trademe and allows the use of advanced features not directly on the platform; giving you an edge when bidding and saving time and money when listing. Some of the powerful features include-

- Snipe bids with automatic last-minute bidding
- Snipe Buynow offers automatically as soon as its available (and fixed price offers)
- Aggressive bid blocking techniques customizable for every listing (such as bidding minimum amount if a new Buynow is detected that is lower than your scheduled bid amount)
- Live updates listings with bids and questions without refreshing the page
- Pickup location estimates (Bidbud scans their profile/listings for mentions of areas)

- Free custom end times for all listings
- Save time with templates and footers
- Save listings online (up to 50 free)
- Auction monitoring

Full list of benefits can be seen here:

No separate registration is necessary to use Bidbud; just use your normal Trademe credentials!

Happy bargain hunting Cheapies fam!

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