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My 6s has broken and I'm looking for a new iPhone. I know the 6s is around $500 and 7 $700. and 8 $1000. But then again they would have less support compared to the latest iPhones. I'm also leaving the country on holiday relatively so can pick one at the airport for tax free. What phone should I get and should I get it outright or on contract? Thanks guys.


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    I would have to note that, for that price, there are a lot of modern phones around that will have far superior technology.

    However, my father in law is in the same boat, and he feels he has no choice but to replace his old 6(S?) as well. He has found there are a load of second hand units around (see TradeMe at least for a price comparison point), plus many that are sold 'as new / box unopened' by retailers, but you would want to have good assurance on the battery for something that is so old.

    If it is a reputable retailer, then you should be okay, but maybe just to be sure, have an email conversation where you express your concern about the battery, and see if you can get them to 'assure you' that if there is an issue within the first three years (say), the whole phone will be replaced. Don't let them fob you off with a 12 month guarantee! It is already your right under the CGA (I would say), but no harm in having it in an email too.

    Good luck!



    If youre looking secondhand, but want some confidence, or at least some fallback if something goes wrong, then dont rule out 1-day.co.nz
    Owned by Torpedo7, and thus the warehouse group have genuine refurb units (which are typically ex Noel Leeming) and thus you will have the full CGA cover as a result. They have some good deals on at the moment - https://www.1-day.co.nz/s/iphone
    64Gb Iphone 8 - $699
    128Gb Iphone 6S plus - $499
    Occasionally Apple will have refurb ones as well https://www.apple.com/nz/shop/refurbished
    EbGames is another that do this (usually from tradeins)


    Dick Smith / Kogan also sometimes have refurbished iPhones.

    Depending on where tako47 is going on holiday, it may be cheaper to buy the iPhone in that country (although you may need to include the cost of a new power adapter). You can check the official Apple regional pricing at TheMacIndex, but there's not a huge difference. You may be able to get cheaper pricing at high street shops, especially in Asia, but be careful it is a real iPhone and not a fake.


    All reconditioned Apple IPhones and iPads are all fake unless they are Apple certified (Use genuine Apple Parts).The main board is the only original part left in these refurbished phones.Usually the battery screen Camera Are inferior,But most people wouldn't notice.Apple is also known put out software updates affecting these third-party phones.


    Hey OP. Stick to iPhone but purchase a few generations behind the current one (e.g XS was released this year so buy 7 or 8). Buy brand new (sealed) NZ product with a receipt or insurance claim paperwork (ideally) for CGA protection beyond Apple’s 1 year warranty. But buy on TradeMe or even Facebook Marketplace (just don’t get scammed!). You have to be vigilant and look out for a deal, can take weeks, or even months, but in the end a deal will show up for a few days or hours that you have to grab. For example, I got me an iPhone 7 32gb brand new for $600 about 2 weeks ago :) Protect your asset, minimise it’s depreciation (screen protector and case, keep original packaging) and resell within 1-2 years to recycle as much money as possible for the next deal!


    Hey guys thanks for your comments. I do have experience buying a refurbished phone but they were horrible as the screen had issues 3 months after purchasing and completely died another 5 months later. Buying new is good for peace of mind so any new iPhone deals that you guys know would be much appreciated!


      An officially "Apple Certified" refurbished device is the virtually the same as brand new and comes with a 12 month warranty. That includes those from official Apple Resellers.

      Apple quality, guaranteed.
      We back this quality commitment by including our standard one-year limited warranty with every Apple Certified Refurbished product. You also have the option of getting additional coverage by purchasing AppleCare products.

      A device that is not officially refurbished, or is an "ex-lease" or second-hand device is a completely different story.

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