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Free Auckland Public Transport on Sunday 23 June


Aucklanders have made 100 million trips in the past year, making this the biggest year for public transport in the city since 1951.

Mayor Phil Goff says, “To mark the occasion, Auckland Transport has announced that on Sunday 23 June the public can travel free on buses, trains and most ferry services. It’s a gesture by AT to say thank you to Aucklanders and to encourage new commuters to try out public transport.”

This promotion is available to those travelling on Auckland Transport buses, trains and specific ferry services on Sunday 23 June 2019 from the first service of the day (4:40am) to last service of the day.

This promotion is not available on the following services:

Bus services on Waiheke Island.
Ferry services to and from Rakino Island & Waiheke Island.

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    cool but i bet the trains that day will be crowded

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    Typical Council: "To celebrate, we'll choose a day when the least number of people will be using public transport and the least number of services, then we can continue wasting money on other far more ridiculous projects and our own pay-packets." :o\


    makes me wonder what the actual amount of rides taken is… There's definitely a lot of fare evasion going on, or at least used to when I commuted by train to and from uni 3 years ago. I have a few hundred on me :')


      no more cheaper fares on trains, ticket checkers are on trains almost 6am to 10pm these days. Taking the bus is another story, gotta save where you can on a student budget.

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        Are they even on when the trains are full? like people cramped in the aisles standing up full? The bus was a fun one too, tag on when you get on the bus then you tag off while you're in the same zone


    definitely a cool deal, it will be better if extended to a week.