Cheap 128GB USB

don't care about brand or speed just looking for the cheapest 128gb flash stick i can buy?


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    Look on pricespy or pbtech, don't use trademe as the chance of fakes is real.

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    And I wouldn't be tempted to go to AliExpress for this either because I have ALWAYS found anything battery or memory related from these clowns to be fakes. I am sure others have found it to be different, just saying though, passing on my experiences and also other family members who have been seduced by AliExpress very sharp pricing…

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    I ordered one these, which was recommended by someone here


    (you would need an adapter) On Facebook there is a guy selling sandisk 128gb microsd cards for 32$, i got one, tested the sectors and came back legit, also the code you put online to check, its imported from Taiwan/china i think as i needed to translate the verification.