This was posted 4 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer $349 (Save $400+) @ Container Door


These things are supposedly really good, the gold standard for stand mixers. Stand mixers are amazing and versatile. The lowest price on pricespy previously was like $700, normally its around $800.

Note this is the 'mini' version, not the full size one. Full size retails for $1150.

This is a repeated offer for the mini from container door, and has been posted by another user a ~year ago [same stuff - multiple colours to choose from, same price, free shipping]. You don't need to get matte grey, matte black is of course always really nice.

Think you potentially can save an extra 10% off orders if you refer someone or are referred, bringing it down to ~$315 potentially [no idea].

Deal runs out on the midnight of the 28th or so.

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    Thanks, just got one, full sized lift mixer is also available for $650 if anyone prefers that.


    Gosh! I love you both!!! Am purchasing the standard size for my birthday gift to myself. This is the BEST!!!


    I don't need one but damn they got good piece


    Yup you get an extra 10% off if you use referral code.


    1day has better deal on stand mixer
    kMix Stand Mixer
    1000W (vs 250W KA Mini)
    5L (vs 3.3L KA Mini)

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      That comparison is like stating a 500hp 6L honda is better than a top end luxury Mercedes.

      Kitchenaid is a premium brand, whilst its nice to point out a different option, thats what this site is for, it is merely an opinion that that deal is 'better'!

      This mixer retails for like 188 pounds in britain, whereas the mini kitchenaid is like 400 quid! So id definitely pay 50nz more for this one - margin is much smaller


    Thanks for posting this bisky, I have ordered one :-).
    I completely agree with your comments re Kitchenaid versus the Kenwood, they are in different leagues.


    For those who can't wait / prefer to buy from a local big box store
    Smith City have the KitchenAid Artisan Mini Silver for $599

    Are the products form container door covered under CGA ?
    Yes they are T&C - PartB 8.1

    8.1 Products to be returned to us: Where the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 applies to the Products, and you wish to make a claim under that Act, you must return the Products to us so that we can inspect the Products and identify the source of the fault and whether it is able to be repaired. Subject to section 22 of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, it is your responsibility to cover any costs of returning the Products to us


    Just as a headsup.

    The container with the matte silver and matte black are closed now.

    They had 3 silver units, and 10 black units (i got the last black one at like 3am today).

    Only the bright red and white minis remain in stock, and one those container fill up there will probably not be any more stock to buy for the minis.

    I thought once they sold minimum 3 for the silver or 10 for the black, the order will go ahead, but you could continue to buy, and then when the timer runs out they will order however many aare purchased, as long as its above the minimum quantity. Thats not the case, the minimum order quantity is also the total available quantity

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