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Christchurch/Auckland/Wellington to Burbank $989/$1057/$998, Austin $1105/-/$1039, Santa Ana $996, $1028, $1005 on American/Untd


Loads of cheap flights to the US with some good deals to airports surrounding LAX. For anyone who has flown to LAX you want to avoid it by all means. Fares all include bags, seats, and meals. Dates September to December 2019 and February to March 2020, excluding Xmas and NYE .

Find the cheap dates via Google Flights then plug them into Momondo, Skyscanner etc.

Santa Ana, California

Near Anaheim where the theme parks are and avoids going through LAX. Flys into San Francisco then into Santa Ana. United

Seattle, Washington

Wellington & Christchurch via Air Canada (connecting via Australia & Vancouver, Auckland via Hawaiian Air (connecting in Hawaii)

Austin, Texas

Christchurch & Wellington connecting via San Francisco on United. Auckland connecting via Sydney & LAX on American.

Burbank, California

A couple connections in Australia & US on United. About the same distance as LAX from downtown LA. Good alternative to LAX.

Santa Barbara, California

Christchurch: A couple connections in Australia & US on United. Auckland Same but with American. Wellington same but American & Qantas.

Santa Rosa, California

Wellington: Connecting via LA and Australia on American & Qantas.

FROM: Auckland (AKL)

Reno (RNO) - $1,021

FROM: Christchurch (CHC)

Ontario (ONT) - $1,003

Palm Springs (PSP) - $1,026

Phoenix (PHX) - $1,055

FROM: Wellington (WLG)

Las Vegas (LAS) - $1,061

Ontario (ONT) - $1,003

Palm Springs (PSP) - $1,029

Phoenix (PHX) - $1,039

Reno (RNO) - $1,020

via Scott's Cheap Flights

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