Best Value (cheapest) Key cutting - Where?

Just wanting to know if anyone knew of any place that did cheap key cutting, just your standard one sided house keys. I remember some Bunnings in AU would cut them for $2.50 probably as a loss leader to get you into the store. but Bunnings NZ is $7 and same at Mitre10 I haven't tried the mall type stores but imagine they would be more expensive again.



  • There's a dairy in Hillsborough Auckland that do it for $5. (Or at least the did a few months ago)

  • A guy in Avondale Sunday market does it for 3-4$. I never did, only seen the price board.

  • Thanks for the replies guys, I should have mentioned I am in Christchurch but hopefully your replies will help someone in the future.

    • LOL, I was thinking, better write Auckland incase you thought Hillsborough Christchurch! Lucky I did

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