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expired Free Ride (up to $10) from OLA Cabs (New Users)


$10 off your Ola rides

Enjoy $10 off rides in Auckland.

Valid on 15 rides until 28th April 2019.

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  • +2 votes

    Ola is such a rip, wouldn’t recommend at all


      Really? With their constant discounts they usually come out cheaper than Uber.

      • +2 votes

        drivers dont show half of the time.


          yup, and when he says half the time, hes not exaggerating (and this is not just my opinion, all my friends who used it had the same experience). generally the ola prices are higher than uber, but with discounts, they are maybe a tiny bit lower (unless you have 50% off, then go nuts, thats pretty cheap and worth drivers not showing up). ola illegally invalidates your referral vouchers (hidden expiry that is not disclosed anywhere), contacting is near impossible and even when you do its useless (and i mean a whole new level of useless), app breaks a lot … and the list goes on.

          … but if this deal works, well, worth a try i suppose.


            @syrys: It's a big exaggeration in my experience, as I've only had two drivers cancel on me out of the 30-odd trips I've made. These are the same drivers as Uber, so I assume they cancel if they receive a better fare on the other app. I've never had the app break, and several drivers have contacted me asking for help with where the pickup location is. I've noticed that Ola does surge at different times to Uber, which could be due to the smaller pool of drivers available.


              @Plug: you are lucky. I've had a couple of drivers not cancel on me and not give an F.
              called their phone and tell me to wait… 20 mins later.. they are still going about their own business.


                @huffboy: Jeez, that's bad, if they do something like that just cancel yourself. I've never had anything like that happen, but I did have one guy start and end the trip without arriving (meaning I was charged for a trip I didn't take), but this was surprisingly easy to rectify through the app.


                  @Plug: Yup, I eventually cancelled. But its wasted time.
                  Had to email them to get back my coupon code - responsive - they gave it back asap.


                  @Plug: Plug, ive had huffboy's experience way too often. Problem is, its easy enough for YOU to cancel, but that for one charges you $5/10, and uses up your coupon (if its limited). Extra effort to contact ola (which there isnt an easy way for cancelled rides). and they ARNT responsive for this type of queries.

                  you say its uber drivers, but thats exactly the problem. most ola drivers double dip, accept ola jobs while already in an uber ride, and you as the ola customer just has to wait for them to finish their job. the 5 minute estimation can take 30 minutes. at what point do you cancel, and by that point you would have wasted 5-10 mins already and statistically the next driver will likely do the same thing.

                  …anyway, more recently the experience has been bearable. but i took a ride just couple of hours ago, and the driver was obviously in another job before picking me up, but atleast only took a 5 min detour (ontop of the estimation). he (or the app) didnt end the job when he dropped me off (im still on the ride, i can literally see where the driver is parked right now), so i had to contact ola, and no response yet.


          I've taken about 10 rides to/from the CBD and it's been fine for me so far

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    …also note, this is targeted. just like every other ola code that was ever posted here. unless its just me (it doesnt work on my end)?

    i think so far, 100% of the ola codes that were posted here were either targeted or new user only, can we stop posting targeted codes and tag new user codes?

    • +1 vote

      There was that O week code which actually worked for everyone, but otherwise, yeah, these are all useless.


        oh yup, forgot about that, that one worked for me too. so not 100%, more like 90% haha :P

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