Girl Guide Biscuits - last chance to buy them!

Not really a "deal", so I'll put it here.

This year is the last time the Girl Guides will be selling their biscuits. Online stock has already sold out (although they do give an email address to contact the 'Biscuit Team'), but according to their webpage and the ZMOnline webpage, the final sales of the biscuits are:

  • Christchurch: 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday 8 - Friday 12, April, 2019 at the GirlGuiding National Office, 5 Sir William Pickering Drive, Burnside.

  • Auckland: 9:00am - 5:00pm, Saturday, 13 April at the Auckland Guide Centre, 132 Grange Road, Mt Eden.

  • Christchurch: 9:00am - 12:00 noon, Saturday, 13 April at the GirlGuiding National Office, 5 Sir William Pickering Drive, Burnside.

There's bound to be queues and they sell out fast (if there's even any left!), so get there early.

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    Apparently the Girl Guides won't be selling them any more simply because the parents are too busy (or too lazy) to help out their kids.

    I don't know why the Girl Guides don't aren't doing a deal with the company that already makes the biscuits and the supermarkets to sell them in stores with a "20c (or whatever) per sale" going back to the Girl Guides. There are already similar promotions for other organisations.


      That is what I thought if they just wanted to raise funds. On the other hand to learn real life skills they should have got off their butts and door knocked, we always purchased a box but have not seen anyone for years. Apparently they are fearful of unwanted advances but surely they could have picked areas to canvas and gone out in pairs, a junior and senior - must be too difficult perhaps?


        An adult is meant to go with them to supervise (same with kids selling chocolate bars, raffle tickets, etc. for their school fundraising and Halloween), but the adults / parents don't want to do that.

        No doubt there's also some uproar by the loud-mouth nutter brigade about the Girl Guides selling sugary biscuits and the "Obesity Epidemic" idiocy. The chocolate bar fundraising is already being stopped by many schools.


        Unwanted advances while door knocking? how ironic!


        Or just not getting enough sales as people now have that do-not-knock door stickers from Consumer NZ, so this is the fault of all those dodgy door to door sales folks IMO!


    It's unlikely they actually go away forever, they were talking with griffins about future plans.

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