Best value Home Surveillance camera

Any suggestions for home surveillance cameras under $100/camera? Would like something that I can view from my phone, preferably with audio and recording features if possible. Don't really need 2 way communication or activity activation but nice to have.

Would appreciate any experiences you have and where to get it (PB Tech, Mitrw 10 etc.), and then can keep an eye out for sales etc. Thanks


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    Reolink work well for us, Aliexpress


    Xiaomi security camera from Aliexpress


    WyzeCam or WyzeCam Pan.

    I have both and they are amazing. Only problem is they don't ship internationally. 2 ways you can buy this though, you can either buy it from Amazon and get it shipped here (more expensive), OR you can buy it from the official site (cheaper) and get it shipped to a NZ Post Youshop address (easy to set up). It's about $12~$15 NZD for the extra Youshop shipping costs, so overall you'll be paying maybe around $45~$50. If you buy it with a couple of friends and share the Youshop shipping cost, it'll be cheaper for you.

    The cameras are really good, app is great and motion tracking is really good. Look up the reviews online for Wyzecam.

    You can also set up the TinyCam app and use it in conjunction with WyzeCam.

    I own a couple of properties and have tried various surveillance camera brands. I currently use Swann and Wyzecam for outdoor and indoor. Wyzecam is mainly for indoor, but you could get an outdoor case from Amazon and set it outdoor as well.

    The important to note about the cameras is PIR and how good it is at detecting false positives. You don't want a camera that picks up shadows easily and sends you false alerts. I've been there and have dealt with this issue across many bigger brand cameras.

    Also, don't get the cameras that are wireless free. They are not worth it. You'll have to constantly charge the battery and they don't record at full quality or do constant 24/7 recording when they operate on battery. They are complete garbage.

    I would also suggest looking up forums for the camera brand you're wanting to get. Look at the posts to get a feel of how popular it is, how good their support is and how many issues have been posted for the camera. Some known brands have had issues where a new firmware update (which may or may not be downgrade-able) broke certain features (e.g. RTSP), or that they made the cameras more/less sensitive and this could have various effects depending on the way you'd like to set up.

    Anyway, there is a LOT of things to consider, but TL;DR just get a Wyzecam, you won't be disappointed with the performance/features for the price you're paying for.


    Cool! So happy I found this thread. I'm looking for the best Home Surveillance camera too. Thanks


    Dahua 4mp or 6mp cameras with just a cheap 4 or 8 port POE NVR (or non POE one if you already have a POE switch).
    I would stay away from bullet cameras, almost everyone complains about spiders being a problem with them, a prefer dome (indoor or sheltered) or eyeball (exposed, direct sun).