Apple Store regional price comparison website

This could be a handy website for those going overseas and wanting to buy an Apple device while there (or possibly if using NZ Post's YouShop service):


The website compares the prices (using whichever currency you choose) of Apple iOS devices and macOS computers among the various international online Apple Stores.

But, three things to keep in mind:

  • It is possible to get slightly cheaper prices from official resellers, via Apple's Refurb Store (prices and stock vary by country), or if you're eligible for the government / education discount.
  • Prices are from the Apple Store, so don't include things like duty (there is a switch at the top, but I don't know how reliable or how encompassing that is).
  • Make sure the device you buy will work in New Zealand - different electrical plugs, etc. may mean you have to buy an additional adapter or replacement power brick, which could mean you aren't saving as much as you thought (do NOT buy el cheapo Asian power bricks not officially licensed by Apple - they're often useless, slow, and even a fire hazard!).