2018 iPad (6th Generation) Vs 2019 iPad Mini

I am thinking of buying an iPad and deciding between the iPad and the new iPad mini. The main use will be for media consumption. Advice is appreciated on any iPad or iPad mini users with experience with the size and ease of use as well as current pricing between the 2 devices.



    I have a iPad 2017 10.5 inch and the speaker annoyed me as it’s at the bottom. It’s quite heavy to not that comfortable to hold for a long time. I’m looking at a MacBook/air is the best option.


    The choice is a difficult thanks to all the various models, including wi-fi or wi-fi/cellular, and mainly comes down to a matter of personal preference and how much you want to spend … although it's usually best to get a model with as much storage as you can (technically you can use external storage, there's even some double-ended USB keyring drives, but it's a fiddly process since iOS isn't really designed to do it).

    These may also help / hinder your decision (they won't be NZ prices):

    Outside of a sale, ex-demo, or refurbished stock, the prices will be basically the same at all the retailers.

    Apple seems to have gone back to the bad ol' days of having numerous slightly different models. Steve Jobs ditched that silliness when he returned to Apple, but it has slowly crept back in. :-(


    Here's a review of the new iPad Air:

    Review: The third-generation 2019 iPad Air is pro enough


      The air doesn't seem to be that good a value in NZ. This maybe due to them pricing it higher due to NZs weak dollar. If you compare the ipad air 3 256 gb, to the ipad pro 11 64gb, which was on special last week at WHS for jusy $160 more them than the air 3 256GB, the pros feature are better in almost all ways to the air, and it looks more modern too. I understand the air 3 is also using the same back camera as the air 2, which is around 4 years old.