Help Me with Auckland / North Island Itinerary 14 Days June

Much love to the community for helping me out last time i posted about coming to NZ (south island).
FYI - Fergburger was overrated - please don't hate me :)

Okay, I am going to Auckland for a wedding in June.

This is my itinerary so far:

Flights arriving and leaving Auckland Airport (booked).

01 June - 04 June Auckland staying cbd but wedding in Waimaiku (is that serviceable by taxi/uber?)

16 June Fly home.

I want to go to

Other that no much else planned and pretty much free time.
What other towns / cities to see and stay. I think I have a friend in Mt. Maunganui.
i'm happy to do a more relaxed trip with probably min 2 nights each location.
We will be hiring a car.



    staying cbd but wedding in Waimaiku (is that serviceable by taxi/uber?)

    Probably, but only if you spell / say it correctly. ;o)

    The problem is that Waimauku is out in the middle of nowhere, so finding a taxi or Uber willing to go way out there could be difficult and expensive (could well be cheaper to hire a car or even a helicopter). There is a bus from the CBD to Waimauku - according to the Auckland Transport Planner it takes just over an hour, but according to Google Maps it takes an hour and a half, but it will depend on where in Waimauku you're going (it could be a very long walk from the nearest bus stop). The car trip supposedly only takes just over half an hour … well, in good traffic conditions it might.

    Similar problem with Hobbiton being out in the middle of nowhere, so you have to drive all the way out there, walk around (there's not much to do there and it's expensive), then drive all the way back back. You can actually stay at a farm-like place nearby, but you'd probably have to book that months, if not years, in advance.

    Not much in Hamilton, Taupo is a big lake filling an old volcanic crater, and Rotorua smells awful thanks to all the geothermal mud pools.


    What do you like to do?
    Maybe something like this, think there a still a few days to play with, could go further south to National Park if you want to do some nice walks, eg Tongariro Crossing, then back up to Taupo or Rotorua. Or do it totally different and head north to Bay of Islands.
    Auckland, 3 nights, wedding, maybe day trip over to Waiheke Island, visit a nice winery like Cable Bay if you're into that sort of thing.
    Auckland to Hamilton, 2 nights, the gardens are nice, and the Good George pubs.
    Hamilton to Rotorua, via Hobbiton, 3 nights, lots of geothermal stuff to check out, could day trip to Taupo if you really want.
    Rotorua to Whakatane, 2 nights, boat trip to White Island, it's really awesome.
    Whakatane to Mount Maunganui, 2 nights, visit mate, walk up the hill.
    Mount Maunganui to Whitianga (Coromandel), 2 nights, hot water beach, Cathedral Cove.
    Whitianga to Auckland.

    I recommended bookme last time, it's still great for deals, you won't find a deal for Hobbiton anywhere though :(


      I was discussing doing something just like this with my partner last night. Really appreciate the feedback and detail.

      More city breakers but happy to do some short 'tramping' 3-4 hrs as well.

      Looks like we will push the first bit.
      When we land head straight to Whangarei / Paihia - Bay of islands, Waitangi etc
      Stay two nights and drive back day of wedding.

      Any idea if we will encounter difficult driving conditions?

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        Roads should be fine, maybe just some rain, the only road I've heard of with snow\ice in the North Island is the Desert Road, it closes a few times in winter, maybe the other rounds around Tongariro National Park too, so only an issue if you were to go down further than National Park and back up SH1.

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