expired Value Pizzas $2, Traditional Pizzas $4, Gourmet Pizzas $6 @ Domino's (Auckland New Lynn Store, 2nd March (Saturday 11am-4pm)


Domino's Auckland Store Customer Appreciation day - New Lynn Store, 3078 Great South Road, New Lynn (PH: 09 8275550)

Saturday 2 March 2019, 11 am to 4 pm only.

Here are the codes:

27275 Large Value Pizzas $2 (classic crust only) (5 Pizza Max)
64608 Large Traditional Pizzas $4,(classic crust only) (5 Pizza Max)
63904 Large Gourmet Pizzas $6 (classic crust only) (5 Pizza Max)

41676 2X Garlic Bread or 2X 1.5L Drink ($3.99 Each pickup only)

for Auckland New Lynn Store…


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    have tried to order in advance online and post date picking up on Saturday, system only allows me to order 1 with $2, 2nd one being charge with full $5, so i have to call in tomorrow…


    The garlic bread/Pepsi code is glitched, it's $4 for just 1 garlic bread/Pepsi.


    anyone try ordering now and having pickup/delivered after 4pm? and still getting those prices?

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    pop in an hour ago, heaps people, long queue ………..i noticed the pizza is a bit smaller then normal size, but it's only $2, not complaining