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Free First Aid Kit ($40 Value) @ The Trusts (West Auckland)


The Trusts are giving away free first aid kits to all West Auckland households. Limited to one per household address. You should receive a letter with a voucher which you'll need to fill in to collect the kit, or if you don't receive it in the mail you can request a voucher online : https://www.thetrusts.co.nz/firstaidkit/

Here is a map to see if you qualify :

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  • So a liquor chain is giving away free first-aid kits?

    • The Trusts have been doing positive things for West Auckland for ages now

    • The trusts run all (apart from preexisting) liquor stores and bars in West Auckland. The idea is they put money back into the community in the form of grants or giveaways like this, in return the trust get a monopoly on liquor sales in the area. This has always been controversial but as a non drinker I don't mind getting a free first aid kit on a drinkers dime :)

  • There has been a notice issued in the saline solution, the first aid kit is temporary not available and you are advised not to use the saline solution and put it aside as it contains "floating particles" I could even see them in one of my bottles of saline.

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