Subsidised Gym Memberships from 40-70% for Non-Gym Members @ Exercise NZ


Pretty good deal for gym memberships. Was posted 3 years ago but a good reminder again. To qualify you need to not be part of a gym or have not been a member for the last 12 months.

Loads of gyms to pick from but just a few examples:

  • 40% off

    • Anytime Fitness 10-14 Lorne St Auckland, 12 Month Membership was $749.00 now only $449.00
    • City fitness – Upper Hutt, 26 Princes St, Upper Hutt, Wellington, Based on Better membership at $11.99 per week, includes $49 join fee, 3 Month Membership was $204.87 now only $122.92
  • 50% off

    • AUT Fitness Centre, City 55 Wellesley Street East, City Campus WC Building, 3 Month Membership was $387.00 now only $193.50
    • F45 Training – Wellington East, Unit 7, 56 Kingsford Smith St Rongotai, 12 Month Membership was $2400.00 now only $1200.00
    • Wellington Fitness centre, 52 Hall Street, 3 Month Membership was $255.00 now only $128.00
  • 55% off

    • Te Puke Health and Fitness, 3 No 3 Road, Te Puke, 12 Month Membership was $858.00 now only $386.00
  • 60% off

    • Curves – Ashburton, 222 Havelock St Ashburton, 3 Month Membership was $446.00 now only $178.40
  • 70% off

    • Curves – Bell Block, Shop 8 Parklands Shopping Centre 188 Parklands Avenue, 3 Month Membership was $446.00 now only $133.48

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    Haha not even on special it's the same tactics as electronic stores.


    Actually been meaning to look into 24hr gyms again, so I checked on this deal at one branch of AnytimeFitness which is near me and it's $174 for 3 months which is pretty good I guess, but need to pay a $49 key fee as well. Looking at their regular prices they say starting from $16.99 a week and $1 joining fee (current promotion) - which works out a couple dollars cheaper over the three months! So maybe not such a deal after all.

    Not 100% sure the services are the same (e.g. home gym only?) since there's NO pricing information on their website other than 'starting from' which means nothing when they don't tell me what I do or don't get. But I'd assume any bare bones pricing will mean bare bones service so likely comparable.

    WHY can't they just ruddy well put up transparent pricing - I was almost sold but their website has really put me off. To contact them about pricing they want my email, phone number, home address, they'll send all that to the US and reserve the right to give it to third parties for marketing purposes etc… screw that just put your damned pricing on your website and I probably would have gone in there today. As it is I'll investigate Snap, Jetts & co now.

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    I have an active subscription with cityfitness and its 32$ a month for 3 months its 96 so its cheaper to go normally..


      You save money with the six month offer though. The membership fee is included so you save around 20$.