Advice on outdoor gear (sleeping bag, boots etc)

So from previous deals I get the feeling there are a few members who know a decent amount about outdoor gear.
Im looking at advice on getting a sleeping bag and hiking boots.

The previous deal for a Nimbus 700 bag seems good, but i'm not sure if it will ever come up again.

Does anyone have reccomendations on places to get boots, and has anyone noticed and deal trends for them.
Wanting a decent set of scarpa boots.



    Macpac sales are normally pretty good for a decent product at a good price. Their down sleeping bags are good. for gear from overseas. are great for good specific gear available in NZ


    For sleeping bags - Kathmandu can be pretty good during a decent sale. If you can find a bag on clearance it's normally 1/3 or so of retail price.
    Hunting and fishing is where I got my last boots, again during a "seasonal" sale.

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