This was posted 8 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Electric Scooter (M365 Clone) $399 + Delivery @ Container Door


Pretty much a Xiaomi M365 clone with similar specs. Crazy price though!

"…top speed of approx 24 k/m and a range of up to 30kms on a single 5-hour charge"

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    I wouldn't trust any of the no-brand ones, especially with the battery. There's a huge rush of demand for these scooters from Lime and other scooter rental services, and there may be a repeat of those hoverboard/swegway fires due to factories cutting corners in order to push product out.

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    I couldn't find any reviews for this model (H8501) which is from an unbranded and unspecified Chinese company so I would proceed with caution.


    Yeah. My wife's Chinese so I see all the news and videos of fires on weibo. Id stick with name brands.

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    Looks to be a clone of the Alfawise M1
    The design is almost the same but not wrapping the exposed wires shows there have been corners cut.
    For the price it will probably be ok, but likely not a solution for the daily commute.

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    As I mentioned on geekzone, knockoffs mostly save money by cheaping out on the battery and motor - I saw a review on a clone very similar to this where they said the range had dropped to 8km quite quickly, and although both the m365 and the clone list their motors as being 250W, the m365 one is a 500w motor running at 250W, whereas the clones are 250W flat-out which does make a difference.

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    Great points everyone… I personally wouldn't get it either. Seems like they're just undercutting the competition in price, riding on the craze. Hope they don't spoil it for everyone else! As we know, news will jump on anything with the word scooter on it. Have my Xiaomi scooter and very happy with it!

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    Rubbish Container door! Sell M365 expensive than Mi Store. Now selling fake M365 scooter. The fake M365 only NZD200 in China. Welcome everyone to buy this $400 bomb!

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