Kogan / Dick Smith - GST?


I’m keen on the Xiaomi Roborock S50 vacuum (newer model of the one in the Sylvia Park Xiaomi store)

Parallel Imported have them for $618 inc delivery but Dick Smith / Kogan have them listed at $549 ($570 with delivery) on the website or Dick Smith on Trade Me at $605, inc delivery

Trade Me page says GST/Import fees inclusive but does anyone know if its the same on the Kogan/Dick Smith website? Would like to take the $570 price as long as im not going to get stung for further fees.


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    Google is your friend

    Will I have to pay additional GST?
    The vast majority of our products incur no additional costs for duties or taxes - the price on the website is the final price. In the rare instance additional duties are required, you will be notified at checkout.