Black Friday etc sales advice on Alexis products

Does anyone have any experience/advice on purchasing Alexis products at a good price either in New Zealand or offshore?

Any advice appreciated, thank you.




    Are you referring to Alexa as in Amazon Echo products?


    Hi Toddy, yes sorry autocorrect error - do you have any advice?
    Thank you


    Too late now, but had the new echo dot for 25USD on Black Friday/Cyber Monday (when they are about 80NZD here) along with discounts on the other models too. Now doubt they will be discounted again probably for the post Xmas sales.

    Otherwise, the refurbished Alexa models on save some dollars too. Echo 2nd Gen is currently 59.99USD


    Also too late now
    But in the Black Friday sales we got the 2nd gen Dot for $48 at Noel Leemings
    And the week before we got 2 x 3rd gens for $129 using their sale and the $20 discount code.

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