NetGear Orbi $279@PB Tech. Good deal?

Does anyone know if the Netgear Orbi RBK20 Kit (2-pack) has good speed and long range? Or any other recommendations please?


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    Looks like I am too late to respond as deal has ended, but thought I'd provide some input.

    I have not used this product nor much Netgear AP's in recent times and my understanding of these mesh units is that they are designed to be as user friendly as possible with little or no setup/configuration. I would also be worried about it being bleeding edge, there is very few MU-MIMO units that I have used that perform well and none within that budget.
    However, whenever I make recommendations to others about improving WiFi range, performance, etc, I always make the following recommendations:

    • Wired connection between units and router/switch, if not possible ensure units have a solid wireless connection to each other (-60db -70). Avoid having more than 2 units extended off a single AP.

    • Go for enterprise gear and stay away from products with unnecessary features.

    • Make sure you can mount it/place it in a good location. I've seen extenders that plug into the wall in terrible locations.

    • Try and get something that is PoE which opens up a new realm of places to locate the unit(s).

    If you get solid units, you won't ever have to worry about rebooting, having issues connecting, poor connectivity, etc. Then you can also activate things long seamless roaming between units, kicking off clients that have a poor signal and forcing them onto a AP nearer, etc.

    Also that 4000sqm thing is bullshit, unless your home has no walls, no background noise on 2.4 and 5ghz spectrums and all devices with powerful radios (phones aren't as powerful as laptops for example). I wouldn't recommend less than 4 units for a house that size (nearly 400sqm). Sure your phone might connect, but it would hog all airtime bringing the whole system to a snails pace and i doubt you would even connect at 5ghz.