Supermarket Incorrect Price Policies

I went to a countdown store a couple of days ago and as I entered the store there was a massive sign stating the price for an 18 pack of coke advertised at $15.50 (normally $21), a reasonable price, so purchased two packs.
At the checkout they scanned at the regular price of $21 per pack. I then went to customer service, the lady apologised for the incorrect price and refunded the difference. I then reminded her of the company policy which is to refund the product plus the product is free of charge and refund the difference of any other following items. In total I was refunded $26.50 plus got a free pack of coke. I think that the staff are told not to follow return policy unless questioned by the customer.

Being that we're all cheapies this is good to keep in mind while grocery shopping.

Countdown incorrect price policy:
Single Product: A refund for the product plus the product is free of charge. (Customer keeps product).
Multiple of the Same Product: Refund for the first product plus the first product is free of charge. A refund will also be given for the difference between the current shelf price and the charged price for the balance of the products.

Pak n Save incorrect price policy.
Full refund of all products including the first plus any of the same product following.

New World: Couldn't find and details.



    Where did you see the Countdown policy?

    Found it.


    I read that as I could but 10x identical products from Pak n save at incorrect price and all 10 products would be free? That sounds a bit excessive.

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    It does, however I did it with vogels bread. Advertised at $3.50 per loaf, so I purchased 8 loaves (had the extended family staying for a week), scanned up at $4 each. Didn't realise until I got home. I called and emailed with receipt details, was told that was company policy. So I received a full refund of the scanned price plus got to keep the bread.


    I had this happen the other day - there was clearly a discount ticket on the shelf, but in the small print it had dates the price ran for and these dates had passed. Basically they just forgot to take the ticket down. They said the CURRENT price was correct so this didnt apply. Having an argument for a couple of bucks I couldnt be bothered, but they did drop it to the ticket price but said the freebie bit doesnt count.


    Well done you. I had no idea about these policies until now. Thanks for educating me(and others).


    I thought I would try out Pak n Save as I know my local always put the wrong prices up. I think they do it on purpose.

    Took some incorrectly priced nuggets to the checkout and pointed to the sign (you could see from the checkout) for the price advertised. I got laughed at for my full refund they offered the difference only. They didn't even bother taking down the sign.


    Is there any link to the Pak N Save overcharge policy?


    Where is the sauce for the Pak n Slave incorrect price policy?

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