Win Onecard Points or AA Smartfuel Discounts from Countdown Trolly Dash



Closing Date 01/01/2019


Description onecard points and aa fuel vouchers
No. of Prizes 9999

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

This competion is open again. Not sure if my code is unique or not but it’s worth a try.


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  • +3 votes

    They changed their code to hex after people exploited it haha… Cheers for posting this again.


    codes are shareable thanks!


    A friend has told me random codes also work as per last time. Haven't had a chance to confirm myself yet.


      yeah i suspect they still have the same incremental flaw as last time, except this time they have just changed the format to hexidecimal. Hopefully someone smart will figure it out soon.


    I tryed cracking it and it appears you can only use one code a day on your onecard.

  • +5 votes


    Got 60 points of this code hope it’s lucky for you,

  • +4 votes

    heres another code: 8096946300388153178

    Hopefully someone can crack the game again before the 2nd December which is when the promotion ends.

  • +4 votes

    8096922400762223208 from today

  • +3 votes

    Code is pretty easy to crack again!
    The 19 digit code is made up of 3 parts. To generate codes see the code below:


    1. Keep "463" or use "502" or "224" if not working
    2. use any numbers in xxxxx e.g. 12345
    3. Keep "314" or use "320" or "317" if not working
    4. Keep other numbers the same and remove all special characters

    The final product should something look like

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