Will Mitre 10 or Bunnings beat price on sale items?

So if an item is on sale at another store will mitre 10 or Bunnings price beat?
I can’t find full terms and conditions.

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    Normally yes, think they can say no if its limited quantity


    I believe it also has to be absolutely identical. They tend to demand that their suppliers give them exclusives on specific products to avoid having to price match.

    For example, they might get a product just about the same (maybe functionally identical) as the competition, but with a slightly different product code so they could not be made to price match / beat (15% if I recall correctly).

    Not sure how far they would get with big international brand suppliers and those sort of demands, but for local suppliers this was the norm.

    I used to work at a wholesaler supplying products to retailers like these.



      Exactly, IIRC Bosch has power tools made specifically for Bunnings to cut costs and to discourage price matches. Einhell (Big German DIY brand) brought Ozito specifically because Bunnings won't stock Einhell stuff, And that's the main reason why Ozito's product quality went up - some of them are rebranded Einhell stuff. Einhell also sells tools under the Full Boar brand.

      However you can price beat on some other brands, I managed to get Bunnings to price beat Harvey Norman (believe it or not HN was cheaper) for an Insinkerator waste disposal unit. Bunnings then instantly updated their prices.

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    I certainly had this recently; where there was a sale on car batteries at SuperCheapAuto, and Mitre10 carry the exact same (product code etc) product. So went down to them and they knocked 15% off the SCA sale price and I walked out of there incredibly happy :) I have found them to be pretty accommodating tbh

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    As long as they are the exact same item (model number) they will do it. I have done this often.

    You can take a photo of the Bunnings price or show them the priced item on the Bunnings website on your phone

    - Most of the time Bunnings is around 1c cheaper
    - Sometimes, they have to call the store and confirm the price so it may take some time when matching multiple items
    - It's especially handy at the Manukau branches because their stores are side by side
    - The Price matching stacks with some other offers for example — if you can wait then wait till one of their holiday sales (eg: boxing day) where you get cashback coupons for every $50 spent as well

    Some of the things I have price matched include:
    - Philips Hue
    - Sellys No more Gaps
    - Sistema range (price match with Warehouse)
    - Delonghi heaters
    - 30s Spray and walk away