This was posted 8 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired $2.50 BK Whopper Jr at Burger King via App


Limited time offer from the BK app exclusive coupons. Expires on Sunday.

Also remember to sign up and spend $5 to get a free $9-$10 value meal.

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    you were quick! just saw notificaton on app.
    Coupon B has a Whopper Jr for $4 so this is a good deal for one.
    Coupon J has 2 x Whopper Jr and 2 x Small Fries for $7, if you want all that food.


    BTW, similar to the chicken deal a few weeks ago, this is an unlimited use coupon even if app only. This means if making mobile orders, you can use it more than once in the same order even though it says only one per order. Just keep adding it. No need to go through twice or make 2 orders. You can try this with the code too but you'd need to convince their staff to add it twice so I'm not sure how well that will work.

    You do need to add a card for mobile orders, but it can be removed after ordering.

    To be clear, you can add other coupons too if you want. BK finally fixed their one coupon per order limitation for the app. They still haven't fixed their 'after midnight' bug although I did work out a way to make mobile orders after midnight. (But not used the codes.)

    P.S. My experiences are based on Android


    I don't know how well this is known, but as a word of warning BK Crowns i.e. the points, expire after 12 months. This is buried in the T&C and also the FAQ sort of says it. I suspect this means the free 490 on signup that people got last year are going to expire 12 months after confirming email since that's what earned them although obviously we won't know until it happens. (It's possible there will be something weird like it'll be 12 months from your first purchase or they'll never expire, but I doubt it.) Definitely for any accounts created now, expect the 490 to disappear 12 months from when you earned it by spending $5.

    I know someone who still had a few accounts from before they revamped the app, when you got 350 for spending $5. They had worked these accounts to 490 by spending extra but hadn't used all them all. Depending on when these accounts were created some of them are now zero, some of them have some points (the 350 is gone but some of the later earning is still there), and those created less than 12 months ago still have 490 or whatever they were at.

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