Is Mobile Station Legit?

Mobile Station always has cheap phones, what's your experience with them? I'm thinking of getting an s9.

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    Steer clear of that place. They supply open-boxed phones only, claiming they need to open the phone to check for damage after transit!! I bought an LG G3 3 years ago. Got an open box, second hand phone, not even refurbished. The box was super old and damaged, and it came with a cheap ZTE charger but no original LG G3 charger.

    They claimed it was open box but brand new and said if I claimed otherwise I'd need to send back at own expense plus a $50 deposit for their "technical department" to look into it. Unluckily for them I, by accident, found it had been rooted. I wrote a very negative review, but they called me asking me to remove it in exchange for a refund. I just wanted the refund so removed the review. Took 6 weeks and many emails to get refund through PayPal dispute process. Don't buy troubles!


    Positive reviews sound quite generic and come from anonymous profiles ("customer in online shop"). Negative reviews come from more authentic looking profiles with a detailed story (with very similar problems to what I have). Up to you to decide which type sounds more believable.

    By the way I still lost $30 original shipping plus $10 return shipping, so $40 and so many hours to buy an experience. I won't even feel tempted to buy an S9 from them for $200, let alone $900.

    I suggest you wait for Noel Leeming's Boxing Day sale. Last year S8 went for $850 in this sale I think.


    I've found them to be pretty good and wouldn't judge it based on the "bad experiences" of one user. I know plenty of people who've purchased of them without any issues, I also purchased my wife's phone from there and it came without any issues and at a good price.

    They are under obligations just like any other vendor in NZ, if you have issues, follow the traditional routes. It's pretty hard to get screwed these days unless you clearly have communication issues or you are dealing with very intelligent cowboy traders, the general e-commerce environment favours the consumer.

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