Warehouse mobile expiry

the top up credit expire every 90,xays unless you top up, but the phone number doesn't expire right? You can receive a phone call even without credit forever right?

Im thinking of porting an 021 number. Has anyone ported their number? Can you use an existing warehouse mobile card, or do you need a new card to port?

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    I've used Warehouse Moblie on a few back up phones (along with my main) and never had a number expire even after nearly a year without topping up.

    You don't need a new sim to port your number. Just a heads up, after you transfer your old number on their website, if you don't get a confirmation text within 3 days that it's been successful - give their 0800 a ring and just confirm they got it. For some unknown reason the first time I did it they didn't receive my port request, but on second try it was done within 48 hours.


      Wait, so I can buy a new 021 number, port it to warehouse for free? On their website it said I had to buy a blank warehouse sim, otherwise what sim card would I use?

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        I still have the option to port other numbers to my old existing Warehouse cards through my online account. I don't think you need a NEW sim to do so.

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