Spark - Increasing Broadband Plan $5

For anyone with Spark for their broadband, you should have received an email advising of the $5 increase in the monthly bill.

Has anyone tried haggling against this?


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    They probably would give you a discount if you asked, typically you can get $20+ off a month if you have broadband+landline for another 12 month term. That being said the price for copper customers is only going to get higher, from 2020 chorus etc are allowed to increase the cost price in major cities to encourage movement to the existing UFB network.


      From 2020, Chorus copper services will no longer be regulated in areas with fibre. This means they can raise prices as high as they like and/or stop selling it completely. This will apply everywhere with fibre (a total of 393 cities and towns by 2022), not just major cities. Therefore, it's a good idea to move to fibre as soon as it's available.


    We are on fibre. Haven't heard anything from them.

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    The price increase is only for copper customers. If you switch to fibre or wireless then you won't be affected.

    If you're currently on a contract, this price increase means you're now eligible to end the contract without penalty if you choose to do so.

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