Warning to all - Z Energy refusing to honor (their !) multiple app fuel discount coupons. Fuel ripoff in NZ getting much worse!

Hi Choice Cheapies,

In the last day or so I tried at my local Z energy station in Auckland to use my (2) Z app fuel discount coupons for a fuel purchase, before expiry. (And didnt have my flybuys card on me so asked for the usual under counter "flybuys" blank card use to stack the standard 6 c per litre discount). All this but just one coupon (10 cents) refused by the counter staff, saying basically (I paraphrase) "its now Z energy policy to not honor any fuel discount coupons, except one (stingy) discount per fuel purchase".

Us Kiwi's have some simply choices here as to how to resist these super high fuel pump price ripoff in NZ. (Compared to our Aussies cousins fuel pump prices -Brisbane, the G.C etc, I acknowledge a generous allowance in our NZ pricing for our higer GST and NZ government tax): Ok, stop buying ANY other items at their stores when you fill up at any of the big oil majors: Z, BP, Caltex, and Mobil. (Gull etc are at least trying to keep their prices down).

2ndly we need to send a clear message to this Labor - coalition government, that the "do nothing, but cheap talk talk, and order fancy expensive reports on NZ's ripoff fuel prices problem" are over: no action on this price of living issue in NZ, means we withold our vote for you at the next, any local, or electrorate, elections.

So whats the thinking amongest us - time for some action on this issue ?!.

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    I tried my flybuys + Z app this week and they allowed it. I guess it all depends on who is behind the counter (there is always a different person every time I visit Z lol). But yeah I agree eventually all staff will get the memo and disallow 2x discounts. As for the current coalition govt, they will definitely lose the next election. That is a certainty.


    I redeemed fly buys 10cents/L + 10 cents from this voucher today. No problems at all


    (Oh, fogot to mention LOL : I (others ?) got some Utu back on Z Energy : redeemed over the last month or so: 2 free coffee coupons, plus a free Max GO car wash coupon. :) ).


    (Seniormouse. Yeah mate your right and we agree up to the point of the introduction of that b…..y added ripoff Auckland only regional fuel tax: Labor Gov & mate mayor Goff, & NF partner pollies etc forced it through as law, but on this issue National where solidly and publically opposed against it and voted against it too).


      Yes, and regarding the regional fuel tax, apparently first month profit was $13.2 million. I am unaffected by the fuel tax however.


    go buy groceries in AU, UK, US and you will see how much we get ripped off…
    or just check out our neigbor website… ozbargains

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      That's what happens when you live on a tiny island with hardly any people in the middle of nowhere… Comparing prices between those countries is absolutely ridiculous.

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    You need to email Z app folk to complain about this particular Z and let them know you want your vouchers back on your app. (You can't stack these 10c coupons together I've found from the past) They will re-load the 10c voucher to your app if you ask nicely enough.


    I hate to inform you and inflict more pain, but they will soon make prepay fuel compulsary across all stations. I have heard reports that petrol drive offs are getting worse by the day, as fuel prices continue to increase.

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