No more deal stacking at The Warehouse?

Anyone had any luck stacking deals at The Warehouse lately? None of the old tricks seem to work anymore.

Guess they hired someone who knows Demandware well enough to set up the deals properly

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The Warehouse
The Warehouse



    I'd be really surprised if they haven't fixed the issue. Unless the "bugs" were intentionally put in place as an incentive for buying more. ;)

    They have even stopped doing online buy 1 get 1 half price (used to stack with 2 for….), sigh


    Can anyone explain what deal stacking is?


      The Warehouse used to have online deals that would overlap. Eg. 2 deals running at the same time:

      • Buy a PS4 console, get free Uncharted 4 + Uncharted Lost Legacy games
      • Buy A PS4 console, get free Uncharted 4 + Bloodborne games

      If you added a PS4 and two copies of Uncharted 4 to your cart, it would do this weird thing applying price adjustments from both deals, giving you a huge discount.

      You could experiment with game combos for bigger discounts.

      It also worked when they had a deal on something like sistema plastics buy 2 for $20 deal, and a separate buy one get one free deal, where you could get 2 for $10 because it applied both deals.


    Sounds like they are still stacking:

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