Fuze Card

Does any one have one of those fuze cards or any other all in one credit cards? Thoughts and reliable they are ..?

Cheers in advance

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    I don't have one, but I have wonder what a credit card provider (bank or other) would say about it, and how it can work in terms of the security setup with the chip and PIN.

    It seems to use a mag stripe, which is (I am guessing) much less secure. I don't think I have had a credit card with just a mag stripe for many years. Perhaps it uses a loop with an app on your phone to authenticate each transaction, but if so, what happens if it cannot communicate (no signal, out of data etc) and does it 'fall back' to a lower security level in that scenario.

    However, I have not looked into the security model in any detail myself, so I only have questions, not answers ;-)