General fuel saving strategies

Hi from OzBargain!
I'm traveling through your beautiful country for a couple of weeks and will need to fill up a few times.
Are there some basic tips to get a few cents off everytime?


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    Sign up for email alerts from each of the big fuel companies (BP, Mobil, Z, Gull, Caltex off the top of my head). It is pretty common for at least one to do a special each week - often Wed or Thu (one day specials), of about 10c per litre discount.

    Most of them do 6c per litre permanently if you spend, say, $40, so the 'extra' specials of 10c are only really another 4c.

    If there is one around, Gull is often (but not always) cheapest by a cent or so.

    If you have an Android, install Gaspy on your phone - it tells you (last known) petrol prices within whatever radius you set. Last time I mentioned to a friend, it was not available for Apple stuff, but they usually catch up eventually, so might be available for those too now.

    Enjoy yourself!



      Cheers mate. Got Gaspy on the Android and works great. Got the Z app that comes with 6c for new user, will use that if it's cheaper than Gaspy options.


    Avoid Z near Auckland Airport, or any petrol stations near car rentals (like the ones on Beach Rd, CBD). They are the most expensive in the city.

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    The only tip that matters = Use Gaspy

    Cheapest petrol stations are Gull, Allied, Waitomo. (Allied and Waitomo are normally just pay at the pump self service ones)

    Petrol varies heaps by region… so yeah just use gaspy :)

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