expired 20% off Male Collection - Father's Day Special @ Leather Flatties


Get 20% Off and Free shipping anywhere in New Zealand by simply entering the voucher code 'Father'sDay' at checkout.
Quality shoes and belts - a great gift for Father's Day.

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Leather Flatties
Leather Flatties

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    This is an example of an "always on sale" scam, where the item prices are jacked up and they're always discounted. This guy is a serial offender who loves saying our members are defaming him for pointing this out too.

    It's illegal in NZ and we should stop allowing them to post here.


      I'm not quite sure how to reply to your comment to be honest. First I am a New Zealander and the last I checked with my accountant, NZ is a free market. I am not entirely sure why you decided to target the business (or myself - 'this guy is a serial offender') and make accusations of such degree. I believe everyone online are adults who are capable of making their own judgement and decision wether they purchase from a business or not. Perhaps if this type of accusation and cyber bullying is allowed here, it is not the right environment I want to level my business and myself to.

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