Anyone Know How to Get Cheap Mobile Data

Not sure if appropriate but … I need cheap mobile data for 4 days. I need to connect a computer to the Internet and a mobile hotspot would work best. Is there some way to get data cheap?



    What is your definition of cheap?
    How much data do you need?
    Do you have a mobile you can tether?
    So many questions…

    Vodafone does 300mb for $3 per day. Google others.


      Thanks. I have a spare Vodafone phone I can use as a hotspot (plus a SIM), can probably get another phone that would accept any other providers SIM.

      Unsure on data use, hence the problem. Could be up to a few gigs.

      Was curious if there any deals that someone knows of (such as in Aus.) where there is a large data allowance for new users.

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        vodafone has 1.5GB for switching.

        Buy or get another company's sim free from hotels/airports. Switch to vodafone and signup for the plan below.

        "Bring your number with you (from any other NZ mobile network) when you join our Vodafone Mates, My Flex Prepay, A Kiwi Favourite $19, Sweet $16 or Big Data Bundle $29, plan and receive a bonus 1.5GB of data"

        I think the cheapest you can go is My Flex Prepay ( 250MB, 50 mim, 50 SMS ) for $10.

        so that will come up to be 1.75GB, 50 min, 50 SMS for $10 .

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    2degrees data clock?

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    Other option I realised is the 1gb free from spark pay phones if you have an access code. Obviously this imposes geographic restrictions (i.e. being near a payphone), and needing a code. We never use ours.


    Does it give you the 1.5GB every month?


      Looked like a 1 off sweetener to change to Vodafone.

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        yup 1 time thing.. but ofcourse you can always grab more sim cards and switch them to vodafone one by one if you don't mind your number changing.

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