Anyone Know How to Get Cheap Mobile Data

Not sure if appropriate but … I need cheap mobile data for 4 days. I need to connect a computer to the Internet and a mobile hotspot would work best. Is there some way to get data cheap?



    What is your definition of cheap?
    How much data do you need?
    Do you have a mobile you can tether?
    So many questions…

    Vodafone does 300mb for $3 per day. Google others.


      Thanks. I have a spare Vodafone phone I can use as a hotspot (plus a SIM), can probably get another phone that would accept any other providers SIM.

      Unsure on data use, hence the problem. Could be up to a few gigs.

      Was curious if there any deals that someone knows of (such as in Aus.) where there is a large data allowance for new users.

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        vodafone has 1.5GB for switching.

        Buy or get another company's sim free from hotels/airports. Switch to vodafone and signup for the plan below.

        "Bring your number with you (from any other NZ mobile network) when you join our Vodafone Mates, My Flex Prepay, A Kiwi Favourite $19, Sweet $16 or Big Data Bundle $29, plan and receive a bonus 1.5GB of data"

        I think the cheapest you can go is My Flex Prepay ( 250MB, 50 mim, 50 SMS ) for $10.

        so that will come up to be 1.75GB, 50 min, 50 SMS for $10 .

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    2degrees data clock?

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    Other option I realised is the 1gb free from spark pay phones if you have an access code. Obviously this imposes geographic restrictions (i.e. being near a payphone), and needing a code. We never use ours.


    Does it give you the 1.5GB every month?


    I wait until the Spark SIM's go on clearance a few times a year, often $19-23 packs for $1 a SIM which don't expire for a year or so. So when those deals happen I buy 10-20 if stock allows and that lasts me ages.

    Also iirc with 2degrees there was no actual check if you are tethering or not but that may have since changed. Skinny has a similar databinge offer with the same limitations(no tethering) unsure if that has any actual blocking or not.


    Warehouse Mobile have a range of data packs, including:
    1.25gb for $8
    5gb for $30

    Fairly easy option, if you don't want to muck around. Uses 2degrees network.


      what length of time is it valid for?


        31 days, though can carry over if you buy another pack - "31 Day Roll Over Data — At the end of 31 days any unused data can roll over for up to 90 days. Just purchase another data pack prior to expiry"

        Last time I used it (a year and a half ago) you could stack add on packs, up to a maximum of four. Not sure if this is still the case.

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