1-Day.co.nz Electronics Shopping Reviews. Is It Worth Buying or Try eBay or Ali Express ?

Hi Guys,

I have used 1-day.co.nz for non-electronic goods which is quite good but i am wondering how is the quality of electronic goods that is on sale.

Is it same as e-bay or ali express where you can find same items for less with free shipping (3-4 weeks wait ofcourse which is fine)

and also how is 1-day warranty process ?

1 day = $12.99 + $5 shipping = $18 total

Ali Express = $6.89 ( Free shipping )



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    If your not in a rush Aliexpress is all good. Some stuff can turn up really quickly too,
    Plus for a low value item I wouldn't worry about warranty.


      How about quality 1-day vs ali express ? I dont find paying extra as long as it is of good quality cause money is money. Ali express is ridiculously cheap for some items compared to 1-day.

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        More than likely you are buying the same product.


        Anything with a "known brand" from Ali will almost always be counterfeit. You also have no protection under the Consumer Guarantees Act if something goes wrong. From 1-day you are protected under our law if the item has a problem or whatever. Not worth worrying about for a $20 item I guess, but if you are looking at bigger items like phones I would not use Ali myself. And I would NEVER buy a mains powered item from Ali.


    1-day is owned by TWG, so the warehouse and Noel leeming. You’ll always get much better warranty with a local based supplier, but the compromise is cost.
    Buy on Ali/eBay = cheaper, but higher risk
    1day = more expensive, but lower risk

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