Compatibility with Chrome

just wondering is anyone else has issues with chrome and CCies.
Generally i cant post any deals (and even this forum post) using chrome as it times out.
Only time it works is if I am really really quick filling out the deal (or use IE :O )
Not sure if anyone else has come accross this and knows a fix




    I can't offer a solution, but I have frequently had issues with Chrome in terms of compatibility with certain sites (can't recall with CC off the top of my head).

    For what its worth, I have never had a problem with FireFox, and the memory usage is much lower too (if that matters to you).

    I haven't tried IE, but I just fired up Edge (running on Win10), and that appears to work fine here - I am posting this comment using Edge, so if you see it, then it must have worked :-)

    Also, Edge is much faster than Chrome from what I can tell, but I am not using it all the time.

    Hope that helps,



    I doubt Chrome by itself is the problem. After all from our records, over the last 30 days, 57% of users use Chrome (follow by Safari at 31% and Firefox at 3%).

    You might however check whether any extension you installed might cause the problem.