expired 50% of All Yellow Sticker Prices @ The Warehouse Clearance Store (Balmoral)


I Stopped in to take a look I got the following:

Halo Action figure $3.99
Cadbury Roses $2.48
LEGO Ninjago Movie 70608 $17.49
LEGO Ninjago 70624 $17.49
LEGO Friends 41319 $22.49
Lego Elves Goblin King's Fortress 41188 $32.49
DC Suicide Squid Collector Figure $9.99

Lots of Starwars Figures - no good characters, More lego like the joker's car with him and Batgirl, and Starwars Lego.
Homeware and clothes
And cheap stuff

Basically, the same stuff you see in the Clearance area in your local Warehouse.
I went to Westgate Warehouse and similar stuff but no 50% off the yellow stick price so is just the Clearance Store, there may be others clearance stores around NZ worth a look.

The Warehouse

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