expired 20% off All Flat Shoes within the Leather Flat Collection @ Leather Flatties


Winter Sale with new products in stock
Handed picked quality genuine leather flat shoes.
Free shipping within New Zealand
Manufacture Direct to keep prices affordable - take advantage to quality products for affordable prices.
Visit https://www.leatherflatties.com/flat-collection to check out our collections, prices and T&Cs.

Include your Coupon 'WinterSale' and get 20% off on top of already discounted prices.

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  • +3 votes

    Can we get rid of this spammer? They don't link to any actual sale items, the one that are on "sale" seem to be typically fake chinese craptactular sales tactics. They post here way too much for being so obviously crap.

    It feels like almost all of the overseas sellers are guilty of tactics like this too where nothing is ever really on sale, they just jack the display price up. This one has nothing but an NZ mobile number attached to it to make it seem local but I doubt it's an NZ company with any respect for consumer protections. The items are undoubtedly number-one-shoe-warehouse quality at higher prices. Low quality vendors like this aren't worth linking to.

  • -2 votes

    Defaming businesses is not cool. It takes a lot to build one and it is a registered business in NZ, unfortunately your research did not go that far. Sorry if you didn't like any of our products but it is closed-minded and disrespectful to make this kind of comment when you don't know. We had no complaints from any of our clients so far in regards to quality or prices. And, they are real clients who tried the products for themselves. Very disappointing.

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