Buying A Car - Private Sale - How To Transact And What To Do?

Hi All,

I know this is a little off-topic, but I figured you might be able to advise me.

We are buying a second hand car from a private seller.

We have seen it, done a test drive, done a check on (all good), have it booked in to do an AA pre-purchase inspection tomorrow, and we have negotiated the price (subject to the inspection).

Assuming the pre-purchase inspection does not find anything significant, what is the best way for us to actually do the deal to be sure it all goes smoothly?

I am thinking we need to pay them somehow (what is the best way?) and we need to ensure that the car gets legally transferred into my name (one or both of ownership and registration, with ownership probably the most important?)

I will set up my new insurance policy to be in effect before I collect the car.

Is there something (or more than one thing) I should be getting the vendor to sign for example?





    Transferring is simple, can do online if you have NZ drivers license.


    Pay with bank transfer it front of them.
    Get the change of ownership form, or do it online; registration is attached to this, so is one and the same.
    Insurance companies are usually pretty good with the new car thing; call them the morning of, have rego details, make, model, colour, year etc. and then you're probably all set to go.

    As an aside, what are you getting, and why? And given this is cheapies, how much are you forking out?


    Ive always found it useful to include a receipt of some description validating that the transaction has taken place. This is a good one to use;

    Re payment - either bank cheque (costs $5-$10), or pay with transfer in front of them.
    For one car sale we made, we actually met the buyers in the bank and transferred the monies in person then.
    Change the ownership immediately.

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