Computer tablet help.

Can someone recommend a tablet I should buy.
I don't know what to buy. Only preference is that it's a android as I have never used a apple.
Thank you.


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    Get a Microsoft Surface Pro. PC laptop and tablet in one. It's awesome. Best tablet/computer we have bought. Super portable. Fast start up and all that good stuff you would get from a tablet with the power of a computer incl. a USB port.

    Otherwise, I can't help sorry.

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      I'd have to agree with this. If you have ever used an IPad, for example, it is a child's toy in comparison.


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    What is your budget? You have those Olee branded ones from the Warehouse for $99, or the Msoft Surface ones for around $1000.

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    I’d recommend Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. It’s really good. You should be able to get the 7” one within your budget. If any trouble finding let me know.

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