Question for Sky TV quiters

I heard in the past that when you quit your subscription with Sky tv they just leave the satelite dish, is this true?
Is there an exit fee?

Our UHF aerial broke and I’m thinking why don’t I sign up with Sky to get a free aerial installed, pay for a months subscription then quit.

Has anyone done this?

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    We quit Sky last year, and they have never asked for the satellite dish back - it is still on the roof.

    I imagine that removing it would cost too much, and if we move out, and someone who does have and want to keep Sky moved in, then they would be happy to have their dish on the roof already.

    Things may well have changed, but when I joined Sky many years ago, the minimum term was 12 months I think, so you might not be able to do what you are thinking. Things could well have changed though, so no harm in asking!

    Hope that helps,



    I believe they have shorter terms now. So this is possible.


    An indoor antenna might work depending on your location. Works for me, I'm able to receive all FreeView channels.


    Keep in mind that if you are going from UHF aerial (DVB-T) to satellite dish you will need a satellite Freeview receiver (DVB-S), and will only get standard definition Freeview.