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Hi there,

I am wanting to purchase a book online at book depository and was hoping if anybody has any promo codes that they don’t want to use. I thought I might as well ask. The only promo code that I had previously gotten is a 10% off after I just purchhased a book which would be perfect however it has expired. If anybody can help me. That would be amazing. Thank you

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    Hi. this reply is abit late, but might help. 10% off is usually the maximum discount coupon amount. I'm not sure but i thnk they send coupon codes frim time to time which are person specific. However heres a tip for you, always check the price in NZD at both BD wbsites the. Com one and., as sinetimes theres a small difference in your favor. Also some real second hand bargains can be found at, including free shipping to NZ. (yes, while my experience is that the books marked, very good condition etc are not marked, scuffed, etc, this is still a risk). Hope this info helps. Rob.