Changes to New Comment/New Reply Notifications and Default Delivery Method for Subscriptions

As part of our work to consolidate automatic web notifications and subscriptions (which can be sent via email or web), there have been some changes in how notifications will work moving forward. This also fixes some issues we've had with double notifications when a user is explicitly subscribed to nodes. The two main changes are:

  1. As of 2pm today, the system will no longer be automatically sending web notifications until users opt-in to receive them.

  2. From Wednesday 9 May 2018 12pm onwards, the default delivery method for thread, store, user or category subscriptions will also be changing from email to web. You will no longer receive the emails for thread, store, user or category subscriptions subscriptions unless you opt-in now. This change does not affect newsletter, front page alerts and search alerts which are email only.

All subscription options are located under 'My Account'->'Subscriptions', with notification options for delivery methods under

  • threads
  • stores
  • users
  • categories

You may select web or email or both.

For the first change mentioned above, what used to happen was notifications would automatically be sent a user when:

  • replies have been made to his/her comments
  • top-level comments have been submitted in a thread that user created

regardless of whether the user had previously turned on 'Auto-subscribe' or not.

For those who did not previously turn on 'Auto-subscribe', if you wish to continue to receive the same notifications, please make sure you have it turned on. To do so, go to 'My Account'->'Subscriptions', and on the 'Threads' page, under Auto-subscribe option, and select either:

  • new replies to my comments and top-level comments if I am the original poster


  • every new comment

Under Notifications, choose your preferred delivery method. If you want to receive web notifications, make sure the 'Web' checkbox is checked.

Then save your settings.

Note that if you previously did not turn on auto-subscribe, turning it on now with either option above will only affect new nodes from now on. You will still be unsubscribed to previous nodes.

Thread subscription settings

You will also see three options when subscribing to individual nodes, which are:

Node subscription settings

For any nodes that you have previously subscribed to, you will be receiving notifications for every comment. You may adjust this to be 'new replies' only if you wish.